Plant Sale Success!

It was a “hail” of a Plant Sale! The 2021 HBBC Plant Sale was not what we initially planned but it was still a big success! Due to Covid-19 our usual location at the Town’s Emergency Operations Center was not available to us. The Plant Sale Committee, chaired by Gayle Todd with help from Cecelia Weston and Eve Venters persevered and found a spot for a one-day sale. Art Committee Chair Tawanna DeAngelis readied all the work done this past year. Lisa Andersen at Anaya Tribe on the Causeway was gracious enough to offer us her beautiful garden area for the sale. After a great morning, it stormed, hailed, and poured rain then cleared up in the afternoon for the rest of the sale. Thanks to the many members who worked the sale and to our customers who came out to support us by purchasing the hundreds of plants and artwork.

The Committee is already eagerly planning on next year’s sale which promises to be the largest and best Plant Sale yet. We can’t wait!

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