Upcoming Events

All Meetings are at the Holden Beach Chapel, 107 Rothschild Dr. at 1:00 PM unless otherwise noted.


April Monthly Meeting

April 8, 2020

CANCELED!  Due to Coronavirus!

Program Title: Plant Propagation

Presenter: Master Gardener of Brunswick County

Meeting will be at Town Hall!

Tom Woods from the Master Gardner Program will provide a speaker who will teach us ways to grow free plants from cuttings and seeds. I know many of us do this now, but there is always a new idea to help us. Because this is so close to our plant sale it will be of more value next year. Meanwhile, with some new ideas we can start saving seeds and cuttings from our garden plants as summer winds down and we clean out and trim back our gardens in the fall.

Hostesses: Pat Schwaiger (Chair), Joyce Lanning, Ros Stokes, Gina Martin, Patricia Weathersbee, Sarah Gobble

May Social

May 13, 2020 – Social     Time:  11:30AM*

*Location: The Pool House, Lockwood Folly Golf Course 

Program Title: Awards and Installation of Officers                          

Presenter: Linda Rast, President

Hostesses: Dolly Mitchell (Chair), Bennie Hall, Eve Venters, Cecelia Weston, Beverly Compton, Donna Aycock

(Note: This event is for Club Members and Town Officials Only)


Please note HBBC does not meet in June, July or August, we are busy in our gardens!  Check back in September to see what is planned for the upcoming club year!