Padgett Garden and Extension

Padgett Garden

Padgett Garden

Location: NC130 and Ocean Blvd. On the left at the foot of the bridge as you drive onto the island.

Description:  Padgett Garden was created and designed in 1994 by HBBC members. The members also maintained shrubs, trees and greenery until 2005 when the Town of Holden Beach took over the maintenance.

Martha and Perrian Padgett, members of HBBC’s landscaping committee, loved this garden and worked in it for many years on an almost daily basis. The garden has been named after them.

In 2011, HBBC took the garden back to refurbish it by extending the rock walkway to the sidewalk and added annual flowers twice a year, (Spring and Fall).  Some shrubs were excavated and many other types of plants added for color year round in the garden. HBBC won 1st  place in GCNC landscaping of a one year project.

In 2013, HBBC added a waterfall to Padgett Garden and continued to change the flowers twice a year for vibrant colors.  HBBC won 1st place at GCNC for a two-year landscaping project.

In 2014, HBBC designed and created an extension to Padgett Garden.  We had the overgrown shrubs removed and continued the fence around the corner for another 120 feet.  Two Pergolas were added for shade and seating.  Palm trees were added and lots of flowers to compliment Padgett garden.

Planned Improvements:  

Redesign of Padgett Garden:  A Long-Range Planning Committee was formed by the HBBC Board to develop a long-range plan for our gardens throughout the Island. The committee is chaired by Gayle Todd. Dolly Mitchell, Becky Willis, Donna Aycock and Becky Greene along with Gayle have worked to develop a scope of work for our Gardens for the next five years. They are currently meeting with a Landscape Architect and a Landscaper to look into a possible redesigning of Padgett Garden. Through their hard work, we have been able to develop a plan to cover five years for all of our garden needs.

Other Issues:  The walkway at Padgett Garden is beautiful but unfortunately, it is not very safe with the way the stones are laid. They have been worked on twice and yet they are still not safe. The Town has applied for a grant for an ADA compliant walkway.  This work would be accomplished with the garden refurbishment.

13268583_10206774746076380_6564400430150215299_o13308179_10206774708155432_576578192159391621_oHBBC New Projects 022 Padgett Garden by Carol Ann LohmanHBBC New Projects 018 HBBC New Projects 017 HBBC New Projects 01613244198_10206774726275885_6809193573752934727_o13268015_10206774711955527_5743627135928000876_o13305106_10206774708395438_3883916742573258230_oPadgett Extension 6-16

Below are the before and after photos of the Padgett Garden extension.

13254657_10206774710595493_4257583899091989111_oPadget Garden Pergola after extension  Padgett Garden Pergola

Before renovation:

Padgett Garden before Extension project.HBBC projects 2011-2012 003 HBBC projects 2011-2012 001

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One thought on “Padgett Garden and Extension

  1. This garden is lovely and is designed beautifully. Of course, it’s the first thing you see when you leave the bridge coming on to HB, and we’re loven it Thanks for this beautiful accomplishment. I’m giving my garden club here in Winston-Salem the website address.
    These pictures are much better than the ones I took with my cell phone. Thanks again
    Sherry & Jerry Hester
    383 OBW


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