Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Location:  At Starfish Dr. and Ocean Blvd. West, at the Fire Station

Description:  The Butterfly Garden on the corner of Starfish Dr. and OBW was created in 1996 by HBBC members. They also maintained that garden until 2005, when the Town of Holden Beach took over the maintenance.

In 2011, HBBC took the garden back over to refurbish it by cutting back the over grown shrubs, changing the wood border to stone and adding many butterfly friendly plants. We also added gravel and benches for a finished look with potted plants. It was beautiful and was recognized on the Garden Tour as a favorite of visitors.

HBBC is continuing work on the Butterfly garden all around the firehouse and the other side of the building.  Roy Todd donated a fireman statue which was placed by Steve Greene.  New butterfly houses have also been added.  Work in Progress!

20151026_161611butterfly garden Fireman 2016 (1).JPGIMG_5211IMG_5212

butterfly garden Fireman 2016 (5)

IMG_5213IMG_5215IMG_5210possible g tour homes and HB parks in bloom 0271417697_737068172977638_1157311252_opossible g tour homes and HB parks in bloom 023MISCELLANEOUS 4-2012 014MISCELLANEOUS 4-2012 016Carol Keane butterfly on yellow flowerCarol Keane bee on yellow flowerAug Butterfly Swallowtail by Carol KeaneSep Orange Butterfly Carol Keane

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