Yard of the Month

During many months of the year, a home at Holden Beach — one that has a well-landscaped and consistently beautiful yard — is chosen as the club’s Yard of the Month.  A photo and article are submitted to the Brunswick Beacon for publication, and a sign is placed in the yard of the selected home.

October 2019

Alana Thompson           119 Raleigh Street


The Holden Beach Beautification Club has chosen Alana Thompson’s yard at 119 Raleigh Street as the October Yard of the Month. The yard is very colorful with vinca, clematis, lantana, jasmine, and brightly colored zinnias. There are many types of trees including Curly willow, weeping yaupon, and junipers. Alana and a neighbor tend to a lot adjacent to hers where a very colorful bee and butterfly garden has been planted. Congratulations, Alana and thank you for beautifying our island.


September 2019

Ken and Cindy Holland                      120 Halstead Street

The Holden Beach Beautification Club chose the yard at 120 Halstead Street for the September yard of the month. Ken and Cindy Holland have a yard filled with brightly blooming vincas, crepe myrtles, knock out roses, lantanas, and Encore azaleas. There are multiple beds with blooming plants and different types of palms. Tiled stepping stones and birdhouses add more color and interest to the yard.  Congratulations, Cindy and Ken!

August 2019

Joe and Sharon Butler           169 Brunswick Ave. East


The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded August Yard of the Month to Joe and Sharon Butler of 169 Brunswick Ave. East.  Joe’s beautifully manicured lawn is accented by numerous pots of cascading Petunias and Gerber Daisies. They have a section of white fence surrounded by Shasta Daisies in one corner of the yard.  The other beds have a Chase Tree, Plumbago, Hydrangea, and Palms.  Sharon also has a collection of different stepping stones leading up to the front steps.  Congratulations Sharon and Joe!


July 2019

Genevieve Cassese                        334 Marker 55 Drive

July 2019 YOMThe Holden Beach Beautification Club chose the yard of Genevieve Cassese at 334 Marker 55 Drive as the July yard of the month.  The yard is filled with blooming Hydrangeas, hawthorns, and crêpe myrtles. Lantana, salvia, and potted plants add even more color. There are multiple other bushes, sago palms, and palm trees. In addition to the beautiful vegetation, the US flag and the Fourth of July decorations add to the scene!  Congratulations,  Jennie!

June 2019

Charles Major and Kurt Morton           122 Ocean Boulevard East


June 2019 YOMThe Holden Beach Beautification Club has chosen the home of Charles Major and Kurt Morton at 122 Ocean Blvd East as our June yard of the month. It is a tiny but well detailed yard with colorful portulaca and hydrangeas bushes and beautifully arranged palm and cedar trees. It is a little paradise. Congratulations to Charles and Kurt!

May 2019

Steve and Becky Greene                        115 Sunshine

The Holden Beach Beautification Club chose Steve and Becky Greene’s yard at 115 Sunshine Lane as our May yard of the Month.  It is a bright and colorful yard with multiple pots and planters. The gardens are filled with azaleas, hydrangea, irises, quince, cactus, amaryllis, bottlebrush plant, and more. Becky is a member of the HBBC.  Congratulations to the Greenes!

December 2018

Mike and Dianne Hebert             165 Ocean Boulevard East

The Holden Beach Beautification Club awarded the December Yard of the Month to Mike and Dianne Hebert of 165 Ocean Boulevard East. The Christmas decorations consist of multiple lights in all levels and an eclectic Santa Rooster! Thanks to the Hebert’s for all the work they did to brighten our holiday and congratulations on a beautiful display!

November 2018

Hilda and Cartland Allen                        200 Yacht Watch

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has chosen Hilda and Cartland Allen’s yard at 200 Yacht Watch for the November yard of the month. The yard is planted with numerous pink muhly grasses that are in full bloom now. They have other bushes and many palms trees planted in the front and back yards. Their grandson, Chase Richards is pictured among the grasses. Congratulations to the Allens!

October 2018

Bob and Janette  Kendall             222 Lois Avenue

The Holden Beach Beautification Club would like to announce that the home of Bob and Janette Kendall at 222 Lois Avenue has been selected as the October Yard of the Month. The Kendalls have worked very hard on their yard this year and have a collection of mums, vinca, hibiscus, lantana, pansies, and multiple colorful potted plants. Congratulations to the Kendalls!

September 2018

Rose Leonard and Bob Waskey                            549 Ocean Blvd. West

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has chosen the home of Bob Waskey and Rose Leonard at 549 OBW as the September Yard of the Month. They have worked hard to create a garden with palm trees,  multiple types of salvia, numerous blooming grasses, rosemary, lilies, and beautiful perennial hibiscus. Bob is pictured with Tucker. Congratulations to Bob and Rose.

August 2018

Dick and Cathy Saiers              121 Ferry Road


The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded the August Yard of the Month to Dick and Cathy Saiers at 121 Ferry Road.  The yard is beautifully landscaped and there is a plenty of color with annuals planted in the yard, large pots, and window boxes. Congratulations to the Saiers!

July 2018

Becky and Dwight Willis                            140 Carolina Avenue

Holden Beach Beautification Club awarded its Yard of the Month for July to Dwight and Becky Willis at 140 Carolina Ave. They live on the island full-time and Becky is a member of the HBBC. Their yard includes a variety of trees including corkscrew willow, crepe myrtle, and palms. They have a number of plants including Mandevilla, hibiscus, bougainvillea, Shasta daisies, daylilies, knockout roses and multiple other specimens. Congratulations to the Willises!

June 2018

Larry and Donna Blume             108 Lions Paw Street

IMG_4947The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded June’s Yard of the Month to Larry and Donna Blume at 108 Lions Paw Street. There are many Knock Out Rose bushes, multiple colors of daylilies, Easter lilies,  pink dianthus, phlox, yarrow, and many other types of flowering plants to add color. Birdhouses are scattered through the yard. Congratulations to the Blume’s!

May 2018

Helen and Bo Terry                                  422 Ocean Blvd. West

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded May’s Yard of the Month to Helen and Bo Terry of 422 Ocean Blvd W.  The Terrys have many beautiful Knock Out Roses lining one side of their home.  There are a variety of perennials such as Iris, Lilies, Verbena, Lantana, and Dusty Miller to add different colors to the garden on the other side. There is even a Butterfly House for all the butterflies these beautiful flowers attract.  Congratulations to the Terrys.

April 2018

Brenda and Joe Murray               190 Sailfish

IMG_0966The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded April’s Yard Of The Month to Joe and Brenda Murray at 190 Sailfish.  As you drive up to the Murray home, you are greeted by a pair of Pelicans sitting on top of pillars. There are flower beds on each side of the home’s staircase with a Crape Myrtle Tree, Pansies, and beautiful blue flowering ground cover in each.  The back of the house is also beautifully landscaped with a variety of flowers: Purple Verbena, Roses, Iris, and Dianthus.
Congratulations to the Murrays!

December 2017

Jacque And Michele Eagle    176 Greensboro St.


The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded December’s Yard of the Month to Jacque and Michele Eagle of 176 Greensboro Street in Holden Beach.

Jacque has spent weeks working on his Christmas decorations with a Disney theme. There is Mickey, of course, and a castle with fireworks. He has computerized lights with music to enjoy.

There are also singing Christmas trees and lights on all their trees and bushes. The deck chairs have Santa and Penguin covers to dress them up.  Santa is piloting the family boat from the garage.

Congratulations to the Eagles!

November 2017

Rob and Melody Megill      198 Ocean Blvd. West

image1.jpegThe Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded Yard of the Month to Rob and Melody Megill of 198 Ocean Blvd. West. The Megills split their time between California and Holden Beach.

While spending time on Holden they are working hard on their beautiful yard. It has a variety of colorful birdhouses, two cement benches and a bird bath filled with annuals. There are yard ornaments such as a grasshopper and a chicken. A variety of statues are accented with beautiful annual flowers and cacti.  Melody told me everything in their yard has come from Thrift Shops including the seating area.  Congratulations to the Megills.

October 2017

Ron and Melanie Champion      126 Tarpon Drive

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Ron and Melanie Champion have been awarded the October Yard of the Month.  While this yard is consistently beautiful all year, a fun and spooky scene awaits visitors this month!  A hard working skeleton yard crew mows the lawn, skims the pool and takes in the scene from a rocker.

September 2017

Dolly and Lewis Mitchell                132 Tarpon Drive

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The September Yard of the Month has been awarded to Dolly and Lewis Mitchell of 132 Tarpon Drive.  Throughout the years, eclectic plantings have been chosen for enjoyment of colors and fragrances.  There are many background stories and memories associated with the “pass-along” plant selections.  The plantings include 10 mature sable palms and a palo verde grown from seeds, a yellow buckeye, fig trees, muscadine vines, and seasonal flowers and vegetables.

July 2017

Marlene Barz                        126 Canal Drive

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Marlene Barz of 126 Canal Drive has been awarded Yard of the Month for July. There are beautifully sculpted beds with white Vinca, red Knockout Roses, lime Sweet Potato Vines and red Geraniums. The plants are grouped in mass with red/lime in one bed and white/red in another. There are also palms, various grasses, hydrangea and beautifully flowering vines set amid a lush lawn.

May 2017

Carolyn & Clyde Hall                         132 Durham Street
The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Carolyn and Clyde Hall of 132 Durham Street as the May Yard of the Month.  Carolyn has blooming hydrangeas, daylilies, Guara, roses and more. She is also growing bell peppers, hot peppers, and tomatoes.  The purple irises we have sold at our Plant Sale have all come from her yard originally.  She loves to share!

April 2017

Jackie & Tommy Almond      958 Ocean Blvd. West  6C8C0D89-BF7F-4E3F-85DF-E335CB924419    

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has awarded the home of Jackie and Tommy Almond, 958 Ocean Blvd. West the April Yard of the Month. The home is appropriately named The Almond Joy.  Their yard is a delight with multiple flower beds.  The center bed has blooming Wave Petunias, Verbena, Geraniums, and Marigolds. The other beds have Verbena and palm trees. This yard is a must see! 

January 2017

image1Mr. & Mrs. Dean Draughn      151 High Point St.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Draughn of 151 High Point Street are the January Yard of the Month. Their yard and home received a lot of damage with Hurricane Matthew. The ground floor was flooded and the yard was a “mess.” We could tell this is a loved yard. There is fresh pine straw, ornamental grasses, perfectly edged grass, a palm tree and a red brick driveway border that compliments the home colors. The Draughn’s have accented the plantings with a bird bath, lawn sculptures, rocks and a shell display. We look forward to seeing the Lorapetalum blooming this summer.

November 2016

Ann Landis                  117 Clippershipbb8d6cd6-faf0-4bec-9bfa-96438d44667c

The Holden Beach Beautification Club November Yard of the Month has been awarded to Ann Landis of 117 Clippership on Holden Beach. Ann has done a beautiful job transforming her yard into an outdoor living space to enjoy year round. 

The front yard features a stunning palm tree, Variegated Pittosporum, Pineapple  Quava, Hydrangea and Encore Azalea-Autumn Embers. The Encore Azaleas are in bloom now! They are in a bed of Tennessee River Rock.  The grass is Zoysia thin blade sod.  The backyard features a round fire pit with white Bahama Rock, Little Gem Magnolias, Osmanthus Fragrance Tea Olives, Pink Muhly Grass. They are in a bed of the Dark Cypress Blend Mulch. 


September 2016

Don and Bettie Hall     281-A Brunswick Avenue image4

The Holden Beach Beautification Club awarded the September Yard of the Month to Bettie and Don Hall of 281 A Brunswick Avenue on Holden Beach. They have created a beautiful garden with a meandering stone pathway accented with flowering Crepe Myrtle, Vinca, Knock-out Roses and statuaries. 

August 2016

Tyra Edwards                  115 Golden Dune Way7448958b-232a-485d-8d14-4ffa15e3b2da

The Holden Beach Beautification Club awarded the August Yard of the Month to 115 Golden Dune Way, the home of Tyra Edwards. The waterway home’s yard features beautiful palm trees, yellow lantana, knock out roses and lush green grass for year round enjoyment.

June 2016

6-16 YOMCathy and Howard Peabody               890 Ocean Blvd. West

The Holden Beach Beautification Club selected the home of Cathy and Howard Peabody at 890 Ocean Blvd. West as the yard of the month  for June, 2016.  This yard is so very well maintained that it projects a feeling of great pleasure to the observer.  A scan around the yard reveals plantings of  red vinca, red hibiscus, knock-out roses, purple petunias, purple salvia and beautiful palm trees.  The lawn gives the feel and appearance of cool carpet.  A wonderful feeling  to one’s feet as you stroll around the yard (leave the shoes in the car).


May 2016

Dean and Iris Dull                  168 Brunswick Ave. EastIMG_0525 (2)

The HBBC has selected the Yard of the Month for May, 2016 located at 168 Brunswick Ave. East.  The owners, Dean & Iris Dull used a combination of Oleander, Confederate Jasmine, Hydrangea, Crepe Myrtle, with added color and beauty provided by Tulips, Day Lilies, Roses, Dahlias and Iris all anchored by very large Palm Trees.  The yard is a major attraction for the many birds that frequent their numerous bird houses and feeders.

April 2016

-4678357127DD05C2.pngKen and Cecelia Weston                  122 Quinton St.

The home of Ken & Cecelia Weston at 122 Quinton St. on Holden Beach has been selected as the “Yard of the Month” for April by the Holden Beach Beautification Club.  The yard is very well maintained with well trimmed edging around all borders.  Plants compliment each other throughout the landscape.   Plants include palms, knock out roses,  lantana, Japanese Yew, Indian hawthorne,  potted red geranium & dwarf yaupon.  The home is on a corner lot with both the front and rear yard equally beautiful.


December 2015

15487508295FD42002Dwight and Becky Willis                  140 Carolina Avenue

The HBBC selection for the Yard of the Month for December/Christmas theme is Dwight & Becky Willis at 140 Carolina Avenue.  The home is  beautifully decorated with a great display of lights and attractive Christmas images.  The flowers are very seasonal with Mandavilla,  red Cana Lillies, Mexican Heather, Lyropia, orange/red Hibiscus under large Palm trees.  It is most striking when viewed at night.

November 2015


Jack and Catherine Smith                          124 Frigate Drive

As one wanders around this “Yard of the Month” at the home of Jack & Catherine Smith located at 124 Frigate Dr. on Holden Beach, the visual senses are almost overwhelmed by a cascade of colorful plants, both small and large.  Beautiful  backdrops of tropical trees and flowing leaves presented on many different types of bushes compliment the many different flowering plants.   The yard is  bordered by the coastal marsh and attractive fencing. Flowers include Cassie, Vinca, Lantana, Shasta Daisies, and dwarf Butterfly bushes.   The water garden is very peaceful and provides a quiet place for meditation.

October 2015

9531452983D93EDDBTom and Janice Jessee               147 Yacht Watch

The HBBC has selected the home of Tom & Janice Jessee at 147 Yacht Watch Drive for the Yard Of The Month on Holden Beach.  The lawn is beautifully manicured and features  purple Mexican Petunias, colorful Gaillardias, pink Oleanders, pink Amaryllis, Vinca in many colors, and Verigated Pittosporum. 

August 2015

Aug 15 YOM LahrenMary Lou Lahren                                            1194 Ocean Blvd. West

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Mary Lou Lahren as its August Yard of the Month. Aptly named “Summer Wind”, the home sits just inside Holden Beach West where a light breeze is always blowing. The yard is adorned with 21 sable palms and two paved border beds filled with blue pacific juniper, Indian hawthorne, knockout roses and day lilies. The east side of the property features potted hydrangeas and sago palms along with a kitchen garden of potted herbs. The backyard pool adds a mini oasis with crepe myrtle, a topiary fig tree and a conical shaped bay laurel.

July 2015

IMG_0118Caren Bills                             206 Brunswick Ave. West

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Caren Bills at 206 Brunswick Avenue West as July Yard of the Month. The landscape is awash with color provided by roses, angel wing begonias and several varieties of hydrangea. A wonderful use of space with Bonsai influences in the Japanese maples, shrubs and Cypress.

June 2015

FullSizeRenderDr. Timothy and Susan Gibble           344 Marker Fifty Five Dr.

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Dr. Timothy and Susan Gibble at 344 Marker Fifty Five Drive as its June Yard of the Month.  The landscaping includes many appealing plants such as lilies, lantanas, begonias, and two impressive century plants which are currently in bloom!  Palm trees and a large magnolia tree complete the idyllic scene.   

May 2015

IMG_1073Phillip and Judy Brock       198 Greensboro St.

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Phillip and Judy Brock at 198 Greensboro St. as its Yard of the Month for May.  Pictured are Judy and her neighbor, Jane Decker, enjoying the picturesque scene.  A cornucopia of flowers add a wide array of color:  Pentas, Minibells, Periwinkle, Speedwell, Day Lilies, Knockout Roses, Lantana, Salvia, and Hydrangea.  The flowers in the pots beside them are Mandavillas.  

April 2015

FullSizeRenderFreddie and Linda Rast      160 Brunswick Ave. East

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home, “Rastaways,” of Freddie and Linda Rast at 160 Brunswick Avenue East as its Yard of the Month for April.  Beautiful red tulips, colorful bushes, pretty knockout roses and stately palms complete the lovely scene.  

March 2015

YOM Mar 2015

Herschel and Mary Beth Edge        107 Sanford Street

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Herschel and Mary Beth Edge at 107 Sanford Street as its yard of the month.  A lovely landscaped area welcomes friends to rest and sit a spell on a bench surrounded by containers of pansies and ornamental kale as well as a tall magnolia tree and large sago palm.  Wind chimes and a miniature statue complete the relaxing scene.

December 2014        

FullSizeRenderRon and Melanie Champion   126 Tarpon Drive 

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the festively decorated home of Ron and Melanie Champion at 126 Tarpon Drive as its December Yard of the Month.  An illuminated palm tree as well as several lighted pines complete the scene along with an inflatable Santa who is driving a lawn mower. 

October 2014      

FullSizeRenderCharlie and Ros Stokes       870 Heron Landing Wynd

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Charlie and Ros Stokes at 870 Heron Landing Wynd as its October Yard of the Month.  Hydrangea, Knockout Roses, irises, daisies, and marigolds compliment the pergola in the appealing backyard. 

September 2014

FullSizeRenderRichard and Kathryn Saiers     121 Ferry Road

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Richard and Kathryn Saiers at 121 Ferry Road as its September yard of the month.  Baskets of calibrachoa and trailing petunia adorn the house. Other plants in the attractively designed yard include salvia, lobelia, candy tuff, heather, encore azalea, and ornamental grass. 

August 2014

HBBC - 2014 #1Lou and Laurie Cutajar            1050 Tide Ridge Drive

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has selected the home of Lou and Laurie Cutajar at 1050 Tide Ridge Drive as Yard of the Month. 

The well-landscaped yard features a kaleidoscope of color with Maiden Grass, Russian Sage, Butterfly Bush, Catmint, Cone Flower, and Bigleaf Hydrangea.

Photo:  Lou Cutajar is shown in his yard with Ann Landis and Carol Colclough, HBBC members.