Kokadama was a Ball!

The Holden Beach Beautification Club learned about the fascinating art of kokadama at our January meeting.  Kokadama is loosely translated from Japanese to mean “moss ball”.  Sherry Godfrey brought beautiful examples of these “moss balls” and constructed two while we watched.  To make the kokodamas the soil around the plant’s roots is packed with a layer of peat moss.  Sheet moss is then wrapped around the root ball and secured with string to form a compact sphere shape.  Sherry waters the plant by submerging the ball in her sink when it feels light.

Hostesses for the meeting were Vicki Myers, Becky Green, Janet Carter, and JoAnne Burke.

Our next meeting will be February 12 when our speaker will be Michelle Ly of The Nature Conservancy on Swamp Culture.  Michelle will take us on a tour of the amazing Green Swamp from the comfort of our meeting room!  Mark your calendar and join us!

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January HBBC Meeting

Join the Holden Beach Beautification Club for a lesson on Kokedama.  Everyone is welcome to attend, Wednesday, January 8, at 1:00, at the Holden Beach Chapel.

Sherry Godfrey is an award-winning designer of Kokedama Art.  Kokedama Art is a style of Japanese bonsai where a plant’s root system is simply wrapped in sphagnum moss and bound with string, transforming it into a sculptural art form. In Japanese koko means moss and dama means ball. It is sometimes called the Poor Man’s Bonsai or just a mossy root ball. Some plants used are various small ferns, pothos, peace lilies, etc. They can be decorated with colored string and other small items.  Sherry will demonstrate the construction of these balls.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

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December Yard of the Month

The Holden Beach Beautification Club chooses the yard with the best and or unique holiday decorations for the December Yard of the Month. This year we chose the home of Regina and Joe York of Greensboro Street for the December Yard of Month. They chose a Christmas tree farm theme. The yard has multiple brightly lit trees, a gingerbread house, snowmen, Santa and sleigh, and a big and bright Star of Bethlehem.  They want all the children to come by for a candy cane when they are “visiting the farm”. Congratulations Gina and Joe!
Happy New Year to all from HBBC!

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Christmas in Padgett Garden

The Holden Beach Beautification Club’s Seasonal Decorations Committee made sure everyone is in the holiday spirit with Christmas lights and festive decor in Padgett Garden.  The display is even more stunning at night.  In addition, the committee added decorations to Town Hall and the Padgett Garden Extention.  Great job ladies, it is beautiful!

The HBBC wishes you and yours a wonderful holiday season and the best in 2020!

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November Yard of the Month

The Holden Beach Beautification Club has chosen a yard on Ocean Blvd. W., the home of Sandy Shihadeth and Tamar Datan, as our November Yard of the Month. Most of the landscaped yard is contained in an elevated garden which consists of yellow and pink lantana, gaillardia, purple heart, and pink muhly grass. There are also Oleander, sago and date palms, a fig tree and Yucca. A Driftwood dolphin sculpture adds a special touch! Congratulations, Sandy and Tamar!
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Another Golden Gardener

Second Vice President Marlene Barz and President Linda Rast recognize HBBC Member Carol Lehr (center) as a Golden Gardener

Holden Beach Beautification Club has added another Golden Gardner to the ranks.  Congratulations are in order for Carol Lehr.  Carol became an HBBC member in 2004.  We recognize our members with 15 years of tenure with the Club as Golden Gardeners and thank them for their longterm commitment to our Club.  Carol becomes the Club’s 14th Golden Gardener.  Congratulations Carol!

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October Meeting Lets the Dogs In

Second Vice President Marlene Barz thanks members of the Brunswick Search and Rescue.

“Who let the dogs out?”  HBBC let the dogs in at our October meeting!  Brunswick Search and Rescue (BSR) brought two of their search dogs and shared their mission and activities with us.  BSR travels locally and in the southeast supporting law enforcement agencies to find lost children and adults as well as helping with crime scenes, drownings, and historical investigations.  They also have an outreach program with students to help them stay safe if lost.

Our November meeting will be our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon.  Please email Marlene Barz with the dish you are bringing and to let her know if you are bringing a guest.  Marlene will also be taking sign-ups for the December Field Trip to Brookgreen Gardens.

Hostesses for the meeting were Janice Sullivan (Chair), Susan Gibble, Jean Blanton, Lillian West, and Carole Keane.


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