Padgett Garden Gets a Makeover!

The showpiece of the HBBC, Padgett Garden at the foot of the bridge and Ocean Blvd., is getting a major upgrade.  Last spring HBBC formed a committee to look at all the gardens and form a long-range plan.  Chaired by Gayle Todd, the committee determined that Padgett Garden was sadly over-grown and many of the plants had reached the end of their lives.  After consultation with landscape architects, horticulturists, and other professionals a new plan for the garden was devised.

The garden will be renovated with new plantings, soil, and hardscapes, but the favorite items and salvageable plants will be preserved.

  • The waterfall fountain, bird statues, trees and large palms will remain.
  • Salvageable plants that no longer fit in the new design will be transplanted to other gardens.
  • The Town has applied for a grant to put in a handicap accessible five-foot wide sidewalk from the restrooms under the bridge, through the Padgett Garden Extension, and to the garden.
  • The flagstones currently used as a sidewalk will be used to form low walls around plantings.
  • The new garden design has color year-round and features native and drought tolerant species.
  • The memorial stones will remain in Padgett Garden and be relocated to accommodate the new concrete walkway.
  • There will be a new irrigation system to correctly water the plantings and attractive lights to highlight and add interest at night.

The Club will pay for the renovations with funds from the Landscape Account.  The funds in this account have built up over time in anticipation of major projects.  The Town, which also approved the project,  will help with the cost of the lighting and irrigation.

Work on the garden is expected to start soon with the hopes that it will be complete prior to tourist season.  See the gallery below for some of the new plants that are planned.

Congratulations to the committee on a job well done!

Long-Range Planning Committee Members Dolly Mitchell, Donna Aycock, Gayle Todd (Chair), Becky Willis and Becky Greene.




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