February HBBC Meeting: Swamp Culture!

The Holden Beach Beautification Club will meet Wednesday, February 12, at 1:00pm.  Join us as we learn about Swamp Culture from Michelle Ly of The Nature Conservancy.

NOTE:  This meeting will be at Town Hall.  The Chapel is undergoing renovations.

We always talk about touring the Green Swamp but no one wants to go traipsing into long grass and bogs with bugs and other critters, not to mention the heat. The Green Swamp contains some of the country’s finest examples of longleaf pine savannas, pocosin soils, 14 different species of insectivorous plants and is home to many rare animals.

Michelle Ly will educate us about Swamp Culture and give us a picture of what we might see.  While she does this, we can remain cool and comfortable.

Hostesses: Ann Landis (Chair), Peggy Schiavone, Carol Gardner, Gayle Todd, Carol Ann Lohman.

Everyone is welcomed to attend our meetings.  Come grab a cookie and learn about Swamp Culture!

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