Fall Planting


Our youngest helper, Koravera Rast, 2, granddaughter of President Linda Rast, helped with this year’s Fall Planting.

The Holden Beach Beautification Club completed our main Fall Planting this week just in time for the Festival by the Sea.  We planted Padgett Garden and Town Hall with colorful annuals and will be tucking more plants into the other gardens in the coming weeks.  Thanks so much to all our helpers: Pete Schwaiger, Ros Stokes, Gayle Todd, Sharon Butler, Carolyn Metrakos, Tim and Susan Gibble, Becky Greene, Helen Miller, Kate Felmly, Kim Keech, and Linda and Koravera Rast.

Check out the plantings this weekend at Festival by the Sea and make sure to stop by our booth.  We will have garden items for sale and the proceeds go to pay for things such as the Fall Planting materials!












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