September Meeting Highlights

Becky Greene welcomes new member Tawanna DeAngelis with Secretary Denise Mirandola.

Holden Beach Beautification Club kicked off the 2019-2020 club year with a great speaker from Sun and Rainfall Bulk Yard.  Lori Long talked about the importance of pollinators in our gardens and to the environment.  Besides the well-known honey bees, other pollinators abound.  Bats are active pollinators and eat huge numbers of pests every night.  Their guano is also a great fertilizer.  Other species of bees also serve as pollinators, as well as butterflies, ladybugs and other insects.  We can encourage pollinators by providing the habitats they need to survive and thrive.  Bat houses and bee houses offer shelter from predators and weather.

The Club welcomed new and returning members.  President Linda Rast distributed the Yearbooks and discussed plans for the upcoming year.  Hostesses for the meeting were Kate Felmly (Chair), Judy Bayless, Marge Doyle, Joyce Montgomery, and Carolyn Metrakos.

Our October meeting on October 9 will feature Brunswick Search and Rescue and their specially trained search dogs.  Come join us, everyone is welcome!

Second Vice President Marlene Barz thanks speaker Lori Long and her helper.

Hostesses Marge Doyle, Kate Felmly and Joyce Montgomery prepared refreshments.

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