The Unsung Benefits of Native Plants

Guest Speaker Charley Winterbauer and Second Vice President Diana Hadesty.

The Holden Beach Beautification Club welcomed Charley Winterbauer to our February meeting.  Mr. Winterbauer, President of the Cape Fear Audubon Society and Co-Chair of the NC Native Plant Society, discussed the synergy of native plants and animals.  It is important to use native plants in the garden to feed and shelter the native birds.  These animals have evolved over thousands of years with the native plant species.  Our native bird species are in decline.  Migratory birds are losing 1% of individuals each year – 50% since 1968.  Non-native plants don’t support the needed caterpillars and other insects that are needed for young birds.  Some non-native plants, such as Nandina, are highly toxic to birds.

During the business meeting officers for 2018-2019 were elected.  Gayle Todd will serve as President, Becky Willis will serve as First Vice President, Cecelia Weston will serve as Second Vice President, Janice Schaffer-Sullivan will serve as Third Vice President, Vicki Myers will serve as Secretary and Donna Aycock will serve as Treasurer.  There were two guests at the meeting and a new member, Kate Felmly.  The White Elephant Auction planned for March 14 was discussed.  Watch for some great items in this year’s auction such as beach home rentals and boat rides!




Hostesses Ann Landis, Judy Brock and Carol Gardener (not pictured).

Kate Felmley is welcomed to the club by Becky Willis.

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