Backyard Birds

The Holden Beach Beautification Club welcomed Jill Peleuses from Wild Bird and Garden, who discussed the native birds in our yards and how to attract more birds.  Birds need water, food, and shelter.  Water this time of year is critical to help them clean and fluff their down to stay warm.   When we have the extremely cold temperatures that we have been experiencing the birds appreciate suet and extra seed.  Jill explained that birds may use birdhouses for shelter right now, but will be out at first light.

Bluebirds are native to our area, don’t migrate, and only range two to three miles.  They will be nesting in March-April and love shelled sunflower seeds and live mealworms.  We also have summer and winter hummingbirds here.  Mourning doves mate for life, but winter 400 miles apart.  Jill showed slides and also discussed cardinals, painted buntings, woodpeckers, house finches, tufted titmouses, chickadees, Carolina wrens, and nuthatches.

During the business meeting, 1st Vice President Beverly Compton reported that she will be chairing the nominating committee.  Anyone interested in serving on the committee or as an officer next year should contact her.  The auction was discussed.  Members suggested serving a meal and asking the whole membership about when they thought the auction should be.  The Art Committee will be meeting soon to plan the items for Days at the Docks.

Hostesses for the meeting were Dolly Mitchell (chair), Becky Willis, Linda Rast and Ros Stokes.

Our next meeting is February 14, at 1:00.

Hostesses Dolly Mitchell (chair), Linda Rast, Becky Willis, and Ros Stokes (not pictured).

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