Gorgeous Orchids

img_1444The Holden Beach Beautification Club welcomed speakers from the Cape Fear Orchid Society to the January meeting.  Members learned how to select and care for orchid plants and how to encourage an orchid to rebloom.  Orchids can be easy to grow once one understands more about them.  They are tough, tolerant and the blooms can last for months.  Many orchids are epiphytes, or air plants, and their roots need air.  Unlike other plants, their potting media is for support, not nutrients, so overwatering is frequently a problem for gardeners.  Three phalaenopsis orchids were raffled off to lucky members.

Our hostesses were Judy Brock (chairman), Carol Keane, Alice Polo, and Lindy Collinson.

The club is also preparing for the annual White Elephant Auction to be held on February 8th.  Members should drop off their items the day before or contact Diana or Gina for pick up.  The auction has grown every year and this year’s looks to be largest yet, with exciting items such as a custom boat cruise.  Members are encouraged to bring a friend and the community is also welcomed and encouraged to get in on the bargains!  All proceeds go towards the Club’s mission of beautifying the island!


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