February Meeting Highlights

Feb 15 Mtg

Carolyn Metrakos, 2nd Vice President, Derek Smith, NCDOT and President Carol Ann Lohman discuss wildflowers.

Fe 2015 Hostesses

February Hostesses Sharon Butler, Donna Aycock, Patricia Schwaiger and Becky Greene.

At the February meeting, HBBC members heard from Derek Smith, Coordinator of NCDOT’s Roadside Wildflower Program. Derek coordinates the 14 areas of the state that plant the incredible patches of flowers you see as you drive along our major highways. Funded by personalized license plate fees, the NC wildflower program is the largest in the nation. Derek gave a presentation on how his department plants and maintains the beds and showed slides of some of the award-winning beds from across the state.   HBBC members each received a book on wildflowers and a seed packet to sow in their gardens. HBBC hostesses stayed with a flowers and Valentines theme, including potted Dianthus and other early spring flowers for each member to take home and either plant in their garden or nurture for the plant sale in April.  Members were reminded that March is the popular White Elephant Auction. Check the website for details!

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