2021 Donors


We gratefully recognize the following individuals for their generous 2021 donations in support of HBBC. Donations are used to purchase plants and landscaping materials for our existing gardens and public areas and to create new spaces on the island.   If you would like to donate please click here.


Platinum Donors

(Donations $200 and over)

Sarah and Kenneth Barber

Genevieve Cassese

Andrew and Hillary Coffey and Nichols

Dash Courier Service, LLC

Tim and Joanie Houck

Mr. and Mrs.  Livingston

William J. Marley

Joleen and Jeffrey Moe

Wrenn and Helen Patterson

Craig Ream

Barbara and Donald Simpson


Gold Donors

(Donations $100 – $199)

Anonymous (7)

1125 OBW, LLC

Chuck Baiden

 Beach Fun, Inc.

Constance Blevins

Tom and Gayle Bowers

April M. Branick

Ron and Jane Bremer

Marci Callen

Melanie Carter

Tony and Joanne Chavonne

Kevin Densmore and Mary Love Mattox

Mark and Lora Eminhizer

Jolynn Fahey

John and Lorraine Fox

Martha Funsten

Cindy Garrison

Ray and Christy Georgeson

Joy Haley

U Dean Hall

Margaret and Joel Hedgecoe, In honor of Dickie and Delores Brekin

Jimmy and Rachele Hobbs – Hobbs Realty

Alma Hoffman

Holden Beach Vacations

Jay and Denise Holden, In memory of Jerri Deaver

Denise Horbaly

Sarah Johnson Hudson

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Inman

Linda  James

Bruce Jaufmann

Kevin and Kris Kattman

Michele Klock

Jenny Kuck

Kurt and Katherine Lang

Kathleen Layden

Michael Lehman

Mike and Diane Lepley

Dana and Kimberly Levitt

Jack Marcum

William G. Marley, Jr.

Patricia Marshall

Jill McCorkle

Dan McInnis

Frank and Gracie McNichol

Jane and John Milne

Michael Moran

Maxwell Nancy

Michael Newland

John Nims

Christina Page

Art and Ann Parker

Billy and Susan Parrish

Wrenn Patterson

Pembroke, LLC

Carolyn Richardson

Pennie Roberts

Ansley Rogers

Aldo Rovito

Pat  Schwaiger

Lee & Kim  Sealey

Kristen Siebenaler

Frank and Christy Sink

Jerry and Lisa Sroka – J&L Landscaping and Stormwater

Scot and Jennifer Stevens

James and Barbara Stone

 Sunset Slush

Eve Venters

Libby Watson

Patricia Weary

Jean White

Melanie Wilcox

Joseph and Sherry Whitman

Eugene Witchger

Ann and Bob Wyker


Silver Donors

(Donations $50 – $99)

Anonymous (10)

Bob and Tammy Aiello

Marlene Barz

Jan Broadnax Black

Sally and Phil Caldwell

Cynthia Carrington

Jeffery and Carol Cook

Ron and MaryBeth Demcko

Shea and Sandra Fadel

Matt and Jolynn Fahey

Debra and Mick Fincher

Harry and Christine Goff

John & Connie Gray

Tammy Griffin

Stephen Grubb

Bennie Hall

Gary and Anita Heard

Mark and Linda Hovis

Diane and Gary Hozempa

Sarah and Kenneth Hudson

Bobby and Debbie Irvin

Bob and Linda Jobe

Ronald Jones

Anne Knowlson

Clyde Edward Lee

Tart and Sue Lee

John Legge

Henry and Katherine Long

Susan Mattern

Dan McInnis

Paula and Steve McManimen

Ann and Bill McPhaul

Mackie and Bruce Miehle

Jean Miller

Terry Mitchell

Patricia Moore

Robert and Daphne Myers

Tracy Nunez

Debi Pinelli

Brenda and Carlton Pittman

Marianne Provenzola

Freddie and Linda Rast

Gary and Linda Reece

Leigh Shepherd

Tina Shortt

Diane Smith

John and Dee Spoone

James Stone

Carolyn Sweatt

Susan Thompson

Barbara Twining

Margaret Walsh

Ronnie and Susan Ward

Susannah Zimmermann

Bronze Donors

(Donations Up to $49)

Mark and Marianne Alexander

Barbara Bailey

Eileen and Karl Bannerman

Barbara Belanger

Abbey Berger

Peter Blaise and Lisa Lestina

Jean Blanton

Meg Blanton Eanes

Bonnie Blue

Joe and Colleen Bonanne

Shiela Bost

Curtis Braswell

Cathy Breeden

Anne Bromby

Elene Busch

Fred and Jeanette Byerly

Jeanette and Fred Byerly

Molly Cain

B.H. and L.B. Calhoun

Mary and Kevin Cavanagh

Geri Chase

Linda Cranford

Jim   Crosby

Lou and Laurie Cutajar

Art and Carol DeAlleaume

Michael Deutsch

Phiena Doares

Linda Drummond

Herbert and June Edwards

Richard Falls

George Fogle

James Fudella

Wally and Geoffrey Gantt

Bill and Ann Gates

Fred and Judy Goosk

Carolyn Greene

Dan and Dorinda Heacox

Mary Ann Hepler

Carol Hind

Toni Holden

Robert and Jenette Kendall

Rebecca and Joseph Korostynski

Ann Landis

Ernest and Vivian Lee

Nancy Linn

Majak Partnership

Marty Marshall

Jason & Kerry Martinez

Bob McCormack

Mike McLean

Jenny Meekins

Jeffery and Mary Miller

Henry and Gail Mitchell

Phillip and Susan Morrow

Helen Pate

Tommy and Kim Pope

Jenny Primm

Charlotte Pringle

Lee and Lori Quintas

Claude and Joyce Rogers

Louis Senay

Lynn Stacey Shaffer

Frances and Elliot Shaver

Pat and Christine Shehan

Mike and Shannon Shelter

TL and Barbara Smith

Ron and Lisa Spinks

Rick and Michele Stack

Patricia Stoutland

Glenn and Karen Tatro

Hollis and Amy Thompson

Rebecca Troy

Mac and Suzannah Tucker

George and Christine VanBuren

Tom & Joan White

Melanie Wilcox

Mike and Patty Williams

KB Wright

Jim and Pam Young

Anonymous (13)