Bridge Basin – Mainland Side

Holden Beach Bridge Project 2015 HBBC

Holden Beach Bridge Project. Rendering by Greg Shue of what the project will look like at maturity.

Location:  North (mainland) side of the bridge area.

Description:  This major project was designed by HBBC and NC Department of Transportation and will include 18,000 plants.  It was approved by NCDOT, Brunswick County and the Town of Holden Beach.  The project will be constructed by NCDOT and the three flower beds in the design will be maintained by HBBC.  The Town of Holden Beach will maintain the other areas of the project.  Construction began May 24, 2016.

Update:  Fall 2017 – Helping the town of Holden Beach maintain three flowerbeds on the mainland side of the bridge is a requirement for HBBC so the bridge project could be approved by the town and by the state of NC.

HBBC is more than happy to help keep those flowers beds in great shape for our residents and tourists in the future. Our maintenance will begin one year from project completion. As of this date, the project has not been turned over to the Town so our work on the other side of the Bridge has not begun.

Construction Begins!  Clearing and Grading


Leveling After Installing Irrigation

Bridge Project 1Bridge Project 2

Palm Trees Installed


Lilies are going in today.

Bridge Proj Lilies 1Bridge Proj Lilies 2

Several types of grasses have been planted.

Due to the remaining grasses not being ready to plant, they will have to install them in July and bulbs in October.

Bridge Proj Grasses

Sod is going in!

Bridge Proj Sod 1Bridge Proj Sod 2Bridge Proj Sod 3