2019 – 2020 Donors

2020 – 2021 Donor List Coming Soon!!

We gratefully recognize the following individuals for their generous 2019-2020 donations in support of HBBC. 100% of funds raised through individual donations are used to purchase plants and landscaping materials for our existing gardens and public areas and to create new spaces on the island.   If you would like to donate please click here.

Platinum Donors

(Donations $200 and over)

 Genevieve C. Cassese 

Bruce B. & Pamela B. Gill

Dana Wright



Gold Donors

(Donations $100 – $199)

 Carol Waldon & Bruce Jaufmann

Jack C. Marcum

Patricia F. Marshall

Jane Milne

Jill McCorkle and Tom Rankki


Silver Donors

(Donations $50 – $99)

Donna Aycock

Marlene Barz

April & Tom Branick

Kathy S. Carter

Ken & Nancy Fontaine

Martha & Landon Funsten

Bennie Hall

Margaret D. Harper

Margaret Hedgecoe

Gary & Diane Hozempa

Robert T. Jobe

Majak Moments 

William G. Marlely, Jr.

Ann McCain

Daniel A. McInnis

Lewis & Dolly Mitchell

Phil & Susan Morrow

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Nealens

Art & Ann Parker

Pamela Quinn, in memory of Judy Brown Carr Brock

Rags Signs and Graphics

Pennie H. Roberts

Tony & Diane Smith

Dr. James R. & Barbara Stone

Eve Venters


Bronze Donors

(Donations up to $49)

Rachel & Nick Basile

Barbara S. Belanger

Bianchi’s Brickyard

Ernest & Debbie Britt

Anne Bromby

Charles and Marsha Brown

Kevin & Mary Cavanagh

Beverly Compton in memory of Sandy Miller

Ash & Kelley Cook

Louis Cutajar

Ken Davidson

Arthur & Carol Dealleaume

Phiena N. Doares

Joyce French

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Grubb

Robert B. Harley

Lee & Bill Hedden

Mary Ann Hepler

Sarah Hudson

Bobby & Debbie Irvin

Caroline Jiamachello

Janet  & David Lingafelt

Nancy Linn

Kerry & Jason Martinez

Bill & Ann McPhaul

Gail Mitchell

Helen Pate

Rachel D.  Price

Judith Samardelis

Mary & Peter Smith

Lane K. Wood

James and Pamela Young