2016-2017 HBBC Donors

We gratefully recognize the following individuals for their generous 2016-2017 donations in support of HBBC.  100% of funds raised through individual donations are used to purchase plants and landscaping materials for our existing gardens and public areas and to create new spaces on the island.   If you would like to donate please click here.

We are thrilled to announce a $2,000 donation from a generous benefactor who asked to remain anonymous!

Platinum Donors

(Donations $200 and over)

Anonymous (2)

Gold Donors

(Donations $100 – $199)

Earl & Mary Daniels, Jr.

Ralph Martin

Kevin & Ree O’Brien

Betsy B. Stephens

Silver Donors

(Donations $50 – $99)


N.Edwin & Billie H. Clark

Bob & Donna Harley

E. Dean Holder

Gary & Diane Hozempa

Marjorie H. Hudson

Bobby & Debbie Irvin

Cheryl Marshall

Lewis & Dolly Mitchell

Srinivas Munugoti

Wrenn & Helen Patterson

Dr. James R. & Barbara Stone

Ramsey Taylor


Bronze Donors

(Donations up to $49)

Mark Alexander

Rachael Basile

Barbara S. Belanger

Joe & Colleen Bonanne

Rose C. Boyd

James A. & Kelley N. Cook

Louis Cutajar

Kenyon, Lee & Marle Davidson

Deborah L. Davis

Arthur & Carol Dealleaume

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Doares

Gail & Chuck Ellenbaum

Richard E. Falls

Peter & Susan Giampietro

Caroline Jiamachello

Aubrey & Susan Kendrick

Ann Landis

Alan & Kay Lepeter

Janet W. Lingafelt

Ann & Bill McPhaul

Patricia F. Moore

Jean A. Newland

Rachel D. Price

Gary & Karen Sain

Bett S. Smyrl

Wayne & Kay Tucker

James & Pamela Young

George & Christine Vanburen

Anonymous (3)