2016 – 2017 Officers

2016 -2017 Officers

Executive Board Members:

President – Gina Martin

1st Vice President – Fran Pompeii

2nd Vice President – Diana Hadesty

3rd Vice President – Lillian West

Secretary – Linda Rast

Treasurer – Donna Aycock

Past President – Gayle Todd

Standing Committee Chairmen:

Art – Cecelia Weston

Landscaping – Becky Willis

Plant Sale – Pat Schwaiger

Seasonal Decorations – Connie Jo Boyte

Committee Chairs (Non-Board Members):

Awards – Judy Brock

Devotion and Sunshine – Marlene Hahn Barz

Yard of the Month – Janet Carter


Message from President Gina Martin…

The theme for this year is “Cultivating Connections as WE BLOOM on the Coast”

The HBBC over its 25 year history has cultivated many relationships that have allowed us to serve the Town of Holden Beach and it residents both permanent and seasonal with a vast array of beautiful gardens. Most recently, working with the Town, DOT and the County we were able to help develop and carry out the Holden Beach Bridge Beautification project (which is still a work in progress). These relationships allowed us to be instrumental in the much needed landscaping of the entrance to our Island.

And as you cross the bridge Padgett Park and Padgett Park Extension greet you. Everywhere you look this Club has enhanced the landscape of this Island from Butterfly Park on the West to Halstead Park on the East, Town Hall and the Pavilion/Jordan Blvd area all have been touched by the hands of our membership.

As we start another year I want to stress how important it is to Cultivate our Connections with each other, the Town and the Community. Our Community sponsors and donors list has grown as people see the value of what this organization does for the community on a daily basis.

As our list of Parks grows so does our need for members to help maintain them, please make it a plan to sponsor at least one friend or neighbor this year. If digging in the dirt is not their thing or your thing we have a vast array of other activities. I would ask that each of you sign up for at least one committee. The work of these committees whether it be making crafts to sell at the Festivals, growing plants to donate to the plant sell, working at Festival Booths or at the Plant sell ,each of these activities help to fund our Gardens. Not to the mention the outstanding monthly Programs and Field Trips that help us to be better gardeners.

Cultivating Connections will allow us to continue the work of the HBBC for years to come. I want this to be a year of growth in membership, activities and projects as we move into the next 25 years.

I look forward to working with you this year as we BLOOM on the COAST and bring even more beauty to our Island Paradise.

Cultivating Connections as we BLOOM on the COAST

From Town Manager David Hewett…

A native North Carolinian, David received his BSBA from East Carolina University, Greenville NC, and an MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco CA. “BIG” ECU fan!

After serving as an active duty commissioned US Air Force Officer, David was recruited into municipal government as the Town Manager of Leland, NC, where he served from 1999 to 2006. During his career he has received many awards in Municipal Government.

David has been the Town Manager of Holden Beach since 2008. He is the winner of the 2010 NC Beach Inlet and Waterway Association Member of the Year award. Also in 2010, David graduated from the State and Local Government Senior Executive Program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

“I rely on the Holden Beach Beautification Club to provide theperspective and aesthetic insight for public spaces here on the island that does not exist currently within the town’s organization and resources. The Beautification Club has assisted greatly in identifying much needed improvements to many of the Town’s facilities, several of which have received state and national level recognition and awards. Their initiative to seek funding for the Holden Beach Bridge Beautification Project has laid the foundation for a fantastic multijurisdictional effort which will develop a large scale and much needed landscaping of the entrance to the island thereby allowing the Town of Holden Beach to put its best foot forward. I am pleased to have been able to be associated with the club’s successes of the past several years. I am excited about the activities planned for the upcoming year and look forward to working with the club as we work to make them realities.

– David W. Hewett, Town Manager

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